Our 12pdr No 1 Field Artillery Saluting Cannon is based on the original design drawings produced by U.S. Army for the 12 pdr 1857 No 1 Field Artillery, also know as the Napoleon. Our Scaled Model has all the detail of the original, keeping the design intent and the beauty of the original.

Our Strong Cannons come standard as shown, these fine cannons are built to order and therefore can be crafted with custom components or woods. with your choice of brass hardware or black steel. Please see options page for other mounting options and accessories available for purchase with our Strong Cannons.

Price as shown $3,750.00 Please contact us with any inquiries.

 Front view






Barrel Length: 13 in  
Material: Bronze
Weight: 25 lbs
Standard: No. 1 Field Carriage
Fire: 10 ga. Blank Shells
Options: 8 ga.