Our Strong Saluting Cannon is based off of a design originally produced by The Strong Fire Arms Company founded in 1884. Initially the company was known as the Strong Cartridge Company, founded in 1881, until it was reorganized after a fire in 1883. In about 1884 the various departments of the company were divided up, where Strong Firearms continued to make rifles and cannons and the cartridge portion was bought out by Winchester and the Ammunition Manufacturers’ Association. In about 1889 or so L. T. Snow, the superintendent of the plant at the time, purchased the company which he ran under his name as proprietor. There are various breaches for these original beauties, one in particular that is the inspiration for our design. We have discovered three different patents for Strong Cannons along with many of the other items Strong Fire Arms use to produce. The Strong’s smooth barrel and disguised breech hinge make this cannon unique and elegant, much like the originals made over 100 years ago.

Our Strong Cannons come standard on a mahogany carriage, with brass hardware. Please see options page for other mounting options and accessories available for purchase with our Strong Cannons.

Note: Custom carriages and mounting options are available. Please contact us with any inquiries.




Material: Bronze 13 Strong Cannon Specifications
Weight: 20 lbs
Standard: Mahogany Carriage, Lanyard fire able
Fire: 10 ga. Blank Shells
Options: See options page