Our Muller Naval Deck Cannons are inspired by the cannons used on the USS Constitution and the designs of John Muller found in his book A Treatise of Artillery. It is a scaled down working replica of historically used naval deck cannons. These were traditionally made of cast iron or bronze with the preference for bronze on board ship, due to its higher quality to resist the natural elements. We now are making them in both bronze and aluminum with a black anodize to replicate a cast iron version. This saves on weight as the cast and bronze cannons are extremely heavy. These cannons are traditionally accurate to the originals, and bronze, for the beauty and durability. Keeping our inspiration from the Strong Fire Arms Co, we created an innovative breech for this 32 inch beauty, adding a swing breech that has a double locking mechanism that will provide functionality making the breech safe and easy. These cannons can fire 4 or 10 gauge blanks, depending on how big a boom you want! Giving the locking handle a ¼ turn watch as the breech easily pivots on the hinge. Pop your shell in and swing the breech shut, another ¼ turn and you are locked and loaded. This cannon design with the hinged breech makes loading and firing your cannon easier, safer and a lot more fun!

The Muller Cannon comes standard on a beautiful white oak carriage with brass hardware. These cannons come standard as lanyard fire able, but other firing mechanisms available as well. Please see options page for other mounting options and accessories available for purchase with our Muller Cannons.

Note: Teak, mahogany, ebony and custom design carriages, as well as custom mounting options are available upon request. Custom options are available. Please contact us with any inquiries.




Barrel Length: 29 in J Muller Naval Deck Replica Cannon Specifications
Material: Bronze
Weight: 75 lbs
Standard: White Oak Carriage; Lanyard fire able
Fire: 12 ga. Blank Shells
Options: See options page