Our L. F. Herreshoff Saluting Cannon design is inspired by original drawings from the L. Francis Herreshoff collection at Mystic Seaport, Strong Fire Arms is the only company licensed to use Herreshoff’s cannon design in production based on plans from Mystic Seaport. As the story goes thirteen cannons were made by L. Francis Herreshoff, ten of which were put on yachts and boats he personally designed; the other three were privately commissioned. His inspiration for these cannons was the 9 lb British Naval Deck Cannon which were made based on a long tradition of naval cannons used on many ships for England, France, the British colonies and the United States.

Our Herreshoff cannons come standard on a Teak carriage, with brass hardware and mallet included. Please see options page for other mounting options and accessories available for purchase with our Herreshoff Cannons.

Note: Walnut, mahogany, ebony and custom design carriages as well as custom mounting options are available upon request. Please contact us with any inquiries.




Barrel Length: 14.74 in Harreshoff Specifications
Material: Brass
Weight: 19 lbs
Standard: Teak Carriage; Mallet fire able
Fire: 10 ga. Black Powder
Blank Shells
Options: See options page